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Several months ago, I constructed a Lync 2013 Proof of Concept for a customer of mine.  It was a Lync 2013 Enterprise deployment.  The project was very successful, however it eventually lost out to Cisco Jabber.  The solution for the customer was to simply turn off the Lync servers and delete the VMs.  Fast forward several months, Jabber fails, customer wants Lync back.  So, we architect a global Lync deployment.  Go Lync!

Now starts the problem.  Active Directory still thinks that Lync is installed.  Once you complete the new topology and attempt to publish, you will be stopped immediately since the system thinks Lync is already there.  There are a number of solutions out there to use ADSIEdit, locate the correct reference, and delete it.  It’s relatively straight forward.  However, there is an easier way.


This little gem is designed to remove an existing CMS reference.  It is obviously a very dangerous tool as it proceeds with little or no warning and removes the most recent reference and ANY OTHER references you may have had.  In our case, we had an old reference and a failed one.  The little bonus is that they were both removed and we were able to proceed with the installation.

There are recommendations out there to still use ADSIEdit to remove other references to the old deployments.  We decided to forge ahead without that extra step and have had zero drawbacks whatsoever.  For you purists, go in and clean up what you think you can find.  For you realists, march ahead with the confidence that your Lync 2013 deployment will be problem free.

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Christian Burke is currently employed by and provides Unified Communications solutions for Microsoft Corporation.  With his primary focus as a Lync Voice Technology Solutions Professional, he is dedicated to designing and building cutting edge Lync infrastructure for clients around the world.  He created this blog to document some of the many processes he has grown familiar with over the past few years.  He knows that blogs, especially for Lync where good documentation is dodgy at best, are a crucial information source for building the perfect Lync system.  So, this blog is his contribution.  Enjoy.
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